Marsh's Honey | New To Puriri Lane @ Addenbrooke

Marsh's Honey | New To Puriri Lane @ Addenbrooke

Marsh's Honey is iconic in Central Otago and this artisan producer is a third generation family business that has been around since 1934, owned and operated by Russell and Trudie Marsh.  We are thrilled to have their wonderful products available for you as part of our Bee Collection of products.

Ettrick is in the Teviot Valley, Central Otago which encompasses the other small towns of Millers Flat, Roxburgh, and Lake Roxburgh Village. It is renowned for its iconic stone fruit, apple and cherry orchards, and berry fruit.

Back in 1934, Jimmy Hamilton, an Ettrick local, had a swarm of bees on his property on State Highway 8, and asked another local, a young man Charlie Marsh to take them away if he wanted them, and as a result a beekeeping business developed over the following years around the small settlement of Ettrick.

Charlie Marsh constructed a honey house from part of an old orchard packing shed in Marsh Rd, and used to shift hives around using a horse and sled. In 1937 he replaced the sled with a Chevrolet truck, which is still owned by the family today. The black and white photo below was taken on an occasion when it got stuck!

Much of the honey was sent overseas to soldiers serving in World War 2 and the rest Charlie took to Dunedin to sell around the shops, trading as “Chas Marsh”.

In 1948, the business was shifted from Marsh Rd to the current property in Ettrick Rd which also had a small orchard.
In 1968 Charlie’s son Brian, and wife Lyn (Russell’s parents) bought the property, and the business which had grown to 200 hives.

By 2003 Marsh’s Honey had grown to just over 500 hives, and this time Russell and Trudie decided to continue the family tradition. The current operation is made up of around 1000 hives collecting honey and pollinating crops across the valley orchards and tussock high country of the Teviot region in Central Otago.

Russell's Grandfather with the Marsh's Honey Chev in 1937

Puriri Lane | Marsh's Honey

Russell Marsh in his Grandfather's restored 1937 Chev

Puriri Lane | Marsh's Honey

This small artisan business prides themselves on care from "hive to honeypot" and we love that!


Puriri Lane | Marsh's Honey | Artisan Producers Collection


Marsh's honey is sourced from the grassland high country and valley pastures either side of the Clutha river in the Teviot Valley, Central Otago. This southern part of NZ produces some of the country’s purest clover honey.

 Puriri Lane | Marsh's Honey | Artisan Producer

Bee Health is the Marsh teams key focus and their bees are fed on pollen, nectar and honeycomb only which means naturally healthier bees and purer honey products - the Marsh's bees are not fed sugar syrup.

Puriri Lane | Marsh's Honey

Puriri Lane | Marsh's Honey

H O N E Y   C O M B

This is the most raw, natural and pure form of honey you can get. Marsh’s Honeycomb is carefully cut from a honey frame straight from the hive. Enjoy straight off the spoon, on grainy toast, as a garnish for yoghurt and granola, or centre stage on a cheese board! Our favourite is with blue cheese, pear and candied walnuts. Be sure to keep an eye on our Garden Journal with some recipes using this beautiful honey.

Puriri Lane | Marsh's Honey Collection

This award winning honey is white clover honey which is foraged from the valley orchards and tussock high country of the Teviot Region, New Zealand which gives it a unique taste and smooth texture.

Their awards are numerous and their beautiful honeycomb won the Gold Medal in 2016.2017, 2018,2019 and 2021.

See the rest of our Marsh's collection Honey here on our website and for all things bee inspired see our collection here.

Marsh's Comb honey the perfect addition to your cheese board

Puriri Lane | Marsh's Honey

Collecting comb honey from the hives

Puriri Lane | Marsh's Honey

R U N N Y  H O N E Y

Yummy on bread, toast, bagels and crumpets, a natural sweetener in hot drinks and a great alternative to sugar in baking.

Puriri Lane | Marsh's Honey Collection 

C O T T A G E   C L O V E R   H O N E Y

Premium Cottage Clover honey has been the heart and soul of Marsh’s Honey since 1934. It’s the classic table honey of old with a super smooth, creamy texture and a delicate, sweet flavour, and packaged in a small table top sized honey pot- perfect for the breakfast tray at your bed and breakfast, but be sure to keep a pot for your self!

Puriri Lane | Marsh's Honey Collection 

We will bring you some  honey recipes soon, so be sure to check back.  



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