Garden Walk & Devonshire Tea Booking
Garden Walk & Devonshire Tea Booking
Garden Walk & Devonshire Tea Booking
Garden Walk & Devonshire Tea Booking
Garden Walk & Devonshire Tea Booking

Garden Walk & Devonshire Tea Booking

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Garden Walk & Devonshire Tea


80 Razorback Road, Bombay


Addenbrooke Garden radiates beauty, elegance, charm and a peaceful ambience. 

Addenbrooke is becoming a must-see destination for garden enthusiasts with its balance of heritage and modern-day botanical features. Alongside the 4 acres of distinct gardens, Addenbrooke boasts a recently renovated elegant two-storey villa, built in the very early 1900’s.

The passionate owners and caretakers of Addenbrooke, Jane and Graeme Thomas are constantly developing the gardens, bringing to life their (sometimes outlandish!!) ideas and visions which always seem to work out perfectly, only adding to Addenbrooke’s appeal.

Over the last few years, they have carefully curated a number of individual garden areas that encompass their own vision whilst maintaining the relaxed beauty and delights that Addenbrooke offers as a whole.  

The garden features a variety of rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias, magnolias, weeping cherries, crab apples and dogwoods plus much more.

During springtime there is an abundance of daffodils, tulips, freesias and hyacinths on display that bring the garden to life with their pop of colour. Plus, you can always count on there being a display of wildflowers somewhere in the garden.

Wander the attractive ‘thyme’ walk, where, depending on the season there are freesias, lilies, and roses all showing off their beauty and fragrance. This walk has been described as an “Alice in Wonderland” setting, it has taken on a look and feel of its own, where the bees, butterflies and birds all gather. While wandering you may spot some interesting plant and flower pairings that subsequently work.

A couple of interest points include the Chapel, a small restful space to reflect and enjoy the view. And the Pavilion, overlooking a formal hedged circular garden with a fountain feature. Each has their own story to tell.

Other highlights include a “secret garden” with an old-style telephone-box, a rose covered pergola walk made of beams from the old Meremere power station that leads to the goldfish pond and tea house. There are many spaces to rest and enjoy the ambiance, a fav; Jane’s restful garden.

Addenbrooke Garden is open all year round for garden tours by appointment. Guests can also enjoy a Devonshire tea, with delicious homemade scones or sponge drops, jam and whipped cream, and a selection of the finest teas. *Gluten free options on request. 

All proceeds from the Garden Walk and Devonshire tea bookings go to the School Start First Impressions charity.

Take in the beauty, charm and peaceful ambience.

Addenbrooke’s beauty awaits you.

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80 Razorback Road, Bombay

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